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Traffic School
Citations or traffic tickets are issued in the State of Hawaii for various violations of traffic law. Citations generally indicate the statute or code number of the violation, and explain how and when to pay the fine or respond to the ticket.
Your Hawaii License
In the State of Hawaii, driving is considered a privilege that must be earned. You can lose your driving privileges for a number of infractions and matters as varied as failure to pay child support, addiction to drugs or alcohol, failure to pay traffic violation fines, and even racing on the highway.
Driver Education
In some situations, especially if you were cited for dangerous driving such as speeding, you may be required to enter a driver education program especially for traffic violators. These courses are offered through the District Courts and each island has a division.

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Hawaii's state legislature recently scrapped the cumulative point system that was designed to give enforcement agencies a quick way to assess driving performance. Each traffic infraction carried a number; the higher the assigned points, the more serious the offense. This does not mean that your record will not be damaged by amassing civil traffic infractions. Quite the contrary: All traffic tickets issued, minus parking tickets, show up on your traffic abstract (driving history). Click on the topics below to view the details.


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