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Online Driving School has never been easier. With our course, you can study completely online without having to worry about having to download or install any software. All you need to take our class is a computer that has the ability to access the Internet.

Done at your convenience

With our defensive driving course, there's no schedule you have to adhere to, so you will never feel rushed through the course or pressured to finish it. You can take the entire course at your own pace, and you have the freedom to log in and out whenever you please. Each time you log out, your place will automatically be saved, and you'll be able to start right back where you left off. You can study where and when you want, it's all up to you; that's what makes our online course so great.

Why choose us?

We are here to offer an online alternative to defensive driving. Take care of that ticket easily by signing up for one of our defensive driving courses. Our courses are written by experts in driver education. Constantly being updated to include the latest laws, we are confident that you will get the most out of your experience with us.


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We are committed to protecting our roads and we hope driving safely is just as important to you.